'Mid-Life' Dads Shed

All About 'Mid-Life' Dad's Website

"This website was inspired by my children who have decided on my behalf that I have entered 'mid-life'.

Given my current age, if this is 'mid-life' then I will be happy to reach 'full-life' and will await my telegram from the King with great anticipation.

I am described by them as being 'sad', (not in the melancholy sense) but in their view, 'having no life' and 'needing to get out more'.

I have always been one for gadgets and have for many years kept up with technology, especially computers. However my latest interest, and how I got to be here - building my own website, all began several years ago with a weather station.

What I hadn't realised at the time was that, not only did the weather station come with a nice LCD touch screen which showed me everything about the current weather and the up and coming forecast, but it could also be plugged into my PC and using the supplied software I could display the weather on my PC. I could also keep records of every piece of weather that my weather station had recorded.

So when the weather station was all up and running I then went searching for different software to run the weather station on my PC and found Cumulus which did all the things the original software could do, plus more, and in a much nicer format. I also found out that I could now also display my weather on the internet.

After that I had a look around to see how other people were displaying their weather online and came across a website called Weather by You which had some excellent free templates which would allow me to display my weather information in different styles. This was a great introduction to building my own website, which started form their Weather Blues 2 design, and over time I have added new pages as my knowledge has increased .

The only thing I was then missing was a website so I could display my weather to the world and so, here we are, my own website, 'Mid-Life' Dad.

Some other sections can now be found here, including the weather section which is how this all originally started,(click on 'Weather Shed' on the top menu bar).

My children are now in total disbelief at what I have done. Not, as I had hoped, because they thought
'Dad could never do it' or that they would gaze in awe, wonder and total astonishment at my newly developed technical abilities, NO, purely because they do not undertsand why I would do something so 'sad'. They now definately think 'I need to get out even more' and are extremely and deeply concerned that I have "no life whatsoever'.

I quote 'Do you actually think that other people will be remotely interested. Who would look at it ?'

Whether other people look at it or not, I really don't care, however, the fact that you have somehow got here, read all about it and have hopefully at least visited the weather pages means that it is not just me, I am not alone, there are others out there like me, other 'MID-LIFE' DADS