Dads Weather Shed

Last updated at 22:00 on Thursday 28 October 2021
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Thursday - Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
High Temperature16.2 °CHigh Apparent Temperature16.0 °C
Low Temperature12.2 °CLow Apparent Temperature12.5 °C
Wind Speed (Avg.)19.5 mphWind Speed (Gust)38.6 mph
Wind Bearing189 °Humidity77 %
Cloud Cover78 %Chance Of Rainfall0 %
Pressure (Sea Level)1007.1 hPaVisibility10.0 miles
UV Index1Ozone Density248.8 (DU)
Friday - Dangerously windy in the morning.
High Temperature15.4 °CHigh Apparent Temperature15.1 °C
Low Temperature8.0 °CLow Apparent Temperature4.8 °C
Wind Speed (Avg.)20.3 mphWind Speed (Gust)47.1 mph
Wind Bearing192 °Humidity75 %
Cloud Cover88 %Chance Of Rainfall40 %
Pressure (Sea Level)997.9 hPaVisibility10.0 miles
UV Index1Ozone Density289.2 (DU)
Saturday - Windy in the afternoon.
High Temperature13.6 °CHigh Apparent Temperature13.3 °C
Low Temperature7.0 °CLow Apparent Temperature4.1 °C
Wind Speed (Avg.)14.9 mphWind Speed (Gust)41.0 mph
Wind Bearing190 °Humidity83 %
Cloud Cover82 %Chance Of Rainfall43 %
Pressure (Sea Level)997.8 hPaVisibility10.0 miles
UV Index1Ozone Density302.9 (DU)
Sunday - Rain in the morning and afternoon.
High Temperature12.6 °CHigh Apparent Temperature12.3 °C
Low Temperature6.6 °CLow Apparent Temperature2.5 °C
Wind Speed (Avg.)15.5 mphWind Speed (Gust)38.6 mph
Wind Bearing194 °Humidity87 %
Cloud Cover64 %Chance Of Rainfall90 %
Pressure (Sea Level)992.7 hPaVisibility9.9 miles
UV Index1Ozone Density318.7 (DU)
Monday - Possible light rain in the morning and overnight.
High Temperature11.7 °CHigh Apparent Temperature11.4 °C
Low Temperature3.6 °CLow Apparent Temperature1.0 °C
Wind Speed (Avg.)18.7 mphWind Speed (Gust)37.8 mph
Wind Bearing234 °Humidity81 %
Cloud Cover58 %Chance Of Rainfall50 %
Pressure (Sea Level)991.6 hPaVisibility10.0 miles
UV Index1Ozone Density335.5 (DU)
Tuesday - Drizzle in the morning.
High Temperature10.2 °CHigh Apparent Temperature8.4 °C
Low Temperature3.5 °CLow Apparent Temperature-0.1 °C
Wind Speed (Avg.)8.1 mphWind Speed (Gust)28.0 mph
Wind Bearing257 °Humidity89 %
Cloud Cover79 %Chance Of Rainfall81 %
Pressure (Sea Level)993.9 hPaVisibility9.6 miles
UV Index1Ozone Density334.8 (DU)
Wednesday - Light rain starting in the afternoon.
High Temperature10.3 °CHigh Apparent Temperature7.2 °C
Low Temperature4.3 °CLow Apparent Temperature0.9 °C
Wind Speed (Avg.)12.0 mphWind Speed (Gust)27.4 mph
Wind Bearing304 °Humidity86 %
Cloud Cover41 %Chance Of Rainfall69 %
Pressure (Sea Level)1002.7 hPaVisibility10.0 miles
UV Index1Ozone Density347.1 (DU)
Thursday - Possible light rain in the afternoon.
High Temperature10.5 °CHigh Apparent Temperature10.6 °C
Low Temperature2.6 °CLow Apparent Temperature-0.8 °C
Wind Speed (Avg.)12.4 mphWind Speed (Gust)28.2 mph
Wind Bearing312 °Humidity88 %
Cloud Cover55 %Chance Of Rainfall83 %
Pressure (Sea Level)1014.6 hPaVisibility10.0 miles
UV Index1Ozone Density287.6 (DU)